Take Action

Life is unaffordable for too many in Toronto. City Council has an important decision to make as it debates its 2017 budget. We can’t afford to cut services and raise user fees in the City’s budget when one in four children live in poverty and people struggle to find good jobs.

We can do better.

Services we can depend on

Our public services aren’t keeping pace with the growth of our city or the needs of our communities. We need to bolster vital city services like our parks, pools, food gardens, public libraries, emergency cooling centres, and childcare so that everyone can depend on them. Investing in services will help ensure we have more resilient communities for the years to come.

Reliable Transit

Many of us rely on the TTC to make our way through our lives. It’s time Toronto put a priority on building and maintaining a transit system while ensuring we can all afford to ride. Even people who don’t ride transit benefit from this service because it reduces congestion and cleans our air.

Good Jobs

The City is one of our largest employers and a billion-dollar buyer of local goods and services. The City of Toronto can be a leader in providing good stable jobs to it’s own workers and encouraging other employers to do the same.

Affordable Housing

We need to repair and retrofit our crumbling housing stock and build more affordable housing so people aren’t pushed out of their communities by skyrocketing prices. We must re-invest in our social housing so that thousands aren’t sitting on waitlists.

We need real leadership to raise new revenues in a balanced way, based on ability to pay.

That means no longer hiking user fees to make ends meet during budget time. It means those who can afford to will pay little bit more.

Tell your Councillor that it’s worth it to get city services we can all depend on and real investments in transit, good jobs, and affordable housing, food security and climate action.