Toronto could start becoming a better place to live if City Council delivered on already promised plans, programs, services and investments.

Energy-efficiency retrofits for over 35 social housing buildings and doubling renewable energy generated on city buildings (by 2020)
Affordable dental care for 3000 waiting seniors
1000 new childcare spaces, 500 of which will be subsidized
2000 more affordable homes (1000 to rent and 1000 to own)
Reduced TTC fares for over 30,000 low-income riders
Essential life-saving swim skills for 5500 more kids
Healthy breakfasts and snacks for 13,000 more students to help them learn
40 employment training workshops and 13 community service hubs in high needs neighbourhoods
More equal access to recreation programs in every neighbourhood
Leadership training for youth across the city
Better maintenance of our public parks
Repairs to social housing so that more homes don’t close in 2018