Take Action

Toronto is rated as the most unequal city in Canada. Right now:

  • 1 in 4 of our children live in poverty.
  • 52% of us don’t have stable, secure jobs.
  • 100,000 households are waiting for subsidized housing and many more are looking for homes they can afford.
  • Waitlists for affordable recreation programs have grown by 62% to an astounding 189,000.

City budgets that are balanced by fee hikes and service cuts just make things worse.

We have to do better…. And we can.

Toronto needs to provide services we can all count on and investing in transit, affordable housing and good jobs that make life better for everyone.

We don’t need to wait any longer. Mayor Tory and City Council should start delivering on the programs and services they’ve already promised to help our most vulnerable - children, seniors and those in poverty - in the 2018 budget.

Those programs and services cost money. But with better budget choices and revenue sources that are fair to all of us, we can get more affordable housing and childcare spaces, lower TTC fares and much more.