Services we can depend on

Our public services aren’t keeping pace with the growth of our city. For example, 18,000 kids are waiting for affordable childcare, our homeless shelter system is over capacity and the waitlist for recreation programs has grown to a shocking 189,000. These services have faced cuts at a time when they should be expanding. Our City needs to deliver public services that meet our communities’ needs now and continue to match those needs as we grow in the future.

Reliable and affordable transit

TTC fares are the highest among major North American transit systems, and while they continue to rise, overcrowding is getting worse. City needs to implement its plans to bring fares down to affordable rates, put all of its buses and streetcars into service and start buying more vehicles right now.

Good jobs

Half of workers in Toronto don’t have secure, stable jobs.

The City of Toronto one the region’s largest employers and buyers of goods and services. It can improve jobs for over a hundred thousand workers by:

  • Setting decent work standards like a living wage, 2 week notice of shifts, and at least 7 paid sick days, for its own workers and any contractor hired by the city.
  • Creating jobs for local residents as part of major city building projects like new transit and affordable housing.

Affordable Housing

100,000 households are waiting for subsidized housing and many more are looking for homes they can afford.  Toronto needs more affordable homes, not less.

Toronto Community Housing has closed 326 homes and 7,500 more are at risk of closure because of lack of funding to maintain them properly. We can’t wait for the province and federal government to bail us out. Toronto needs to fix the social housing we have and build more to keep up with our growing City.

Homes in the private market must become more affordable too. But right now developers are building homes few of us can afford. Toronto should ensure that every new private housing development includes more affordable homes.

How do we pay for it?

Better choices

Let’s make better choices about how we spend our money. It’s time to say no to gold-plated projects like the Gardner Hybrid Expressway, and refocus those dollars on building what our communities need like transit, housing, community centres and libraries.

New revenues from fairer sources

Expert after expert has said the City doesn’t raise enough money through its current taxes and fees to keep up with the rising demands for services and infrastructure.

Our City needs new revenue if we want investments in transit, affordable housing and good jobs that have a lasting impact. We need to make sure these new revenue sources are fair by ensuring those who can afford to, pay more.